Creamy Carrot Soup

serves 8
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3 cups of carrots, peeled and chopped

2 cups of sweet potato, peeled and chopped 

2 leeks, chopped (see here for instructions on how to cut a leek

2 tsp of garlic powder (can use raw garlic or more garlic powder for a stronger flavor) 

1-2 tsp of marjoram

1/4 tsp of ginger 

2 bays leaves 

5-7 cups of vegetable stock or water 

1 can of pure coconut milk 

broccoli sprouts for garnish 

salt & pepper to taste 


1. sauté the leeks with the marjoram and garlic in some olive oil for 2-3 minutes on medium heat 

2. add the chopped carrots and sweet potato and stir and sauté for 2-3 more minutes 

3. add the vegetable stock or water (make sure that all of the vegetables are covered with liquid)

4. bring to a boil and then reduce to medium heat to simmer for 20-30 minutes or until the vegetables are soft 

5. using a hand immersion blender, blend the soft vegetables until smooth and resembling purée

6. add your can of coconut milk to the soup pot and stir in until well-blended, keeping your soup on medium to low heat

7. add your pinch of ginger and salt and pepper to taste

8. when the soup is fully combined, consider adding more liquid if you like a soup that is thinner in texture 

8. serve a bowl or cup of soup for yourself with a 1/4 cup of broccoli sprouts for garnish to add in some extra nutrition. You can also add a TBSP of coconut cream for additional health fat and creamy flavor. 

Nutrition Facts 

based on this recipe serving 8 bowls, includes 1/4 of broccoli sprouts per serving 

Calories - 209

Fat - 12 grams

Carbohydrates - 24 grams 

Protein - 3.4 grams 

Calcium - 7.9%

Iron - 10.5%

Potassium - 372.5mg 

Vitamin A - 566%

Vitamin C - 23.3% 

Posted January 2, 2023

By Jennifer Johnson

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