Nutrition Consulting

What on earth should we eat?

You’ve tried many different diets but aren’t sure what is best for you and what is healthy. I can help you navigate the nutrition maze! 

I can teach you about general healthy nutrition, and then personalize it for your particular health goals and health issues. I enjoy working with individuals, young or old, families, and especially those who are caring for and providing meals for children. I’m very passionate about empowering adults and our young children to live their best healthy life using good nutrition as a critical tool.

I also provide support and help with eating socially, eating while travelling, eating at restaurants, addressing nutritional barriers, and helping with the implementation of healthy eating behavioral patterns. 

What to expect in a nutrition consulting session:

  • 1 hour duration 
  • meeting exclusively online
  • health assessment
  • nutrition and general health goal setting
  • nutrition action plan 
  • personalized nutrition training
  • eating in a social setting
  • recipe sharing and meal planning
  • follow-up 
  • accountability with goal-setting
  • unlimited access to me via text for questions/concerns

Jennifer’s goal for her clients is HEALTH. As a woman in her 50’s who consistently struggles with maintaining good health goals, I have worked with Jen off and on over the past 4 years. She always meets you where you are at, working in increments, and building good health step by step to create a healthy lifestyle. She is an expert at encouragement, reminding you of where you have come from and where you are at now, so you don’t get discouraged. One of my favourite memories will always be when Jen worked with me to train for a mini-triathalon and we set the goal for me to just complete it… and we did. Such fun!

— Janet McDowell

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