Online Coaching

Support, training, and education from wherever you are.

We might not live in the same place, but I can provide support, training, and education for you all the same! Quite often we know what we should eat, or that we should exercise -- but we might have trouble determining what exactly to eat, or how to go about setting and achieving fitness goals on our own.

How we can work together online

Just like an in-person session, we will start off with an assessment and goal-setting session, and build a plan unique to your situation and your goals.

From there we can exercise together online, discuss nutrition strategies and weight loss strategies, and do a lot of training to improve your overall health. 

An accessible way to improve your health

Online coaching enables you to work at improving your health with guidance and accountability, even if you live rurally or don’t have easy access to a kinesiologist in your area.

It really helps to know that there is someone on the other end who expects you to implement your plan and is cheering you on as you attempt to achieve your goals.

We are much stronger in all aspects of life when we work together. 

What to expect for online coaching sessions:

  • 1 hour duration over video chat
  • health assessment
  • nutrition and general health goal setting
  • nutrition and exercise action plan 
  • personalized nutrition and exercise training
  • follow-up 
  • accountability with goal-setting
  • unlimited access to me via text for questions/concerns
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