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We can achieve great things when we work together in community

One of my favourite aspects of the work that I do is cheering people on as they tackle their health and wellness goals. It can be a long and lonely road as you work at establishing new behaviours, decision-making patterns, and eating habits; I’m here to be your cheerleader.

This service is perfect for you if you have lots of tools, goals and ideas of what to do but struggle with motivation, or find you get off track easily when life gets busy around you.

I will help keep you accountable to your health goals as you pursue them on your own wherever you may be.

Option 1: 

$75/month + GST 

This Includes: 

  • You begin by submitting your goals to me via email 
  • I give you access to my platform where we can track your eating, exercise as well as other lifestyle habits
  • We set up a check-in day for the end of each week
  • You then log your actions daily on my platform and I will keep you accountable to meeting your targets each week by looking at your log and messaging you with encouragement and questions
  • On the weekly check-in day I will message you directly on the platform and ask how you are doing
  • We can have a quick chat via message each week if you have a question or concern
  • Through out this process, I will provide feedback, encouragement, accountability, and I will also answer your questions 

Option 2: 

$125/month + GST 

All of the options from the first package apply here

In addition to the accountability offered on my platform and regular messaging, this packages includes a monthly 20-30minute online session to top up your exercise, nutrition or address any obstacles you are experiencing or to progress your efforts. 

For both of these packages, a minimum 3 month commitment is required. That's what it requires to progress a goal closer to becoming more of a habit and part of your lifestyle! 

How do I sign up? 

Message Jennifer ([email protected] OR text/call 306-313-1362) to get started! 

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