Accountability Services

We can achieve great things when we work in together in community.

One of my favourite aspects of the work that I do is cheering people on as they tackle their health and wellness goals. It can be a long and lonely road as you work at establishing new behaviours, decision-making patterns, and eating habits; I’m here to be your cheerleader.

This service is perfect for you if you have lots of tools and ideas of what to do but struggle with motivation, or if you find you get off track easily when life gets busy around you.

I will help keep you accountable to your health goals as you pursue them on your own wherever you may be.

How accountability works:

  • 1 goal-setting session
  • Weekly texts or Zoom sessions with me to check-in, ask you if you accomplished your goals for the week and keep you accountable to your larger health and fitness goals
  • Lots of encouragement! 
  • If you get off track and need some help, you can book a full session with me at any point to reset or check in.
  • Contact me for a free consult for pricing and other inquiries! 

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