Cinnamon Raisin Bagels


⅔ cup of melted coconut oil 

1 cup of coconut flour

2 TBSP of psyllium husk

12 eggs

1 tsp of salt

1 tsp of baking powder




  1. Blend together flour, psyllium husk, salt, baking powder
  2. In a separate bowl, blend eggs together
  3. Add egg to the flour and mix well
  4. Then add the coconut oil to the flour and egg mixture
  5. You can use a doughnut pan if you have one to bake, but since I don't, we used a glass baking pan lined with parchment
  6. Let the dough sit for 15 minutes before handling
  7. Scoop out a dough ball onto the parchment (it will expand a little, so allow some space for growth on the pan) 
  8. Use the handle of the spoon to make a hole in the dough so that it looks like a bagel
  9. Press raisins in to the dough and sprinkle with cinnamon on top
  10. Bake at 400F for 15-18 minutes
  11. Allow to cool for 10 minutes
  12. Slice, toast, and enjoy! 

Posted November 30, 2020

By Jennifer Johnson