Weight loss & Running Postpartum

"Jenn at Enliven Health & Fitness believes in me and pushes me beyond where I think I can go."


weight loss, exercise plan postpartum, running 


1. 67lbs of weight loss in 40 weeks! 

2. Running - she began running for 30 second intervals at the beginning and now can easily run 5km without a break! (She began running at the beginning of her weight loss journey) 

3. Got off of her blood pressure medication and maintains a healthy blood pressure using nutrition and exercise only.

4. She prioritizes her health 100%, despite many challenges she continually comes back to caring for herself. 

5. Overall body strength has increased

6. Learned how to cook healthy meals for herself and her entire family 

7. She is significantly influencing some health issues using diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle practices 


wife & mom to 4 children, Integrative Nutrition student, coffee barista 

Sue Says:

"14 months ago, I could barely walk a mile. Now, I can run two miles with no break. Crushing goals!! Truth is, I couldn't do it without having the massive support system behind me. Jenn at Enliven Fitness believes in me and pushes me beyond where I think I can go. My family supports me as I go on a run and cheers me on. Friends cheer for me as I share with them the goals I'm crushing and encourage me when I feel like I'm failing. This isn't about weight loss or "looking good." It's about getting healthy and learning how to maintain that health.

Never think you're too far gone to get healthy. I was morbidly obese and barely had any energy.

I'm not healthy yet, but I'm healthier. This is all thanks to the support and education from Jenn!!"

What's next for Sue? 

We continue to work together on a weekly basis in pursuit of her goals of increased running, continued weight loss until she is a healthy weight for her height and frame, managing histamine intolerance with nutrition and lifestyle strategies

Time frame to achieve goals: 

Fall 2019 - Present 

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