Weight loss & Lifestyle Change

"Thank you for all of your help, support, and encouragement!!"


weight loss

reduce bloating 

increase energy level 

exercise for functional movement 

work on developing a health mindset 

Angela's success:

39lbs of weight loss and counting!! 

increased energy in the afternoon

stomach issues and bloating are immensely improved 

fitting in to new clothes that didn't fit in the past 

sleep has improved a lot 

navigated lots of social situations with a healthy mindset 

shoulder has less pain and increased mobility

she can see how inflammatory food affects her body 

better hormonal balance


social worker, specialty cookie designer, wife and mom 

Time frame to achieve goals:

10 months 

Angela says: 

"Thank you for all of your help, support, and encouragement!!"

A little more about Angela: 

It has been fun working with Angela these past 10 months. She has truly changed her lifestyle and has seen impressive results. She has worked through many challenges and sough help from myself as well as other health care practitioners to improve her whole health. Working in the health care industry she sees a lot of people who struggle with chronic health conditions that are often in part a result of poor lifestyle choices. This motivated her to seek out change for herself and write a different future out for herself. Angela is almost completely done all the work we set out to do together. It's been a privilege working on her health and she helps others with their health in her workplace. 

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