Optimal Health and Improving Symptoms

“​​Jennifer Johnson was a great encouragement and resource for rebuilding my health."


reduce hair loss

influence and reduce pain that was radiating from her back to the shoulder and abdomen area 

optimize health with nutrition

adjust nutrition to improve digestive distress 

optimize diet for a healthy gallbladder 

Julie's Success 

with the help of dietary and environmental changes, many of Julie's symptoms improved or disappeared

Pain greatly reduced in the beginning and was completely gone after several months 

New hair growth! (so exciting) 

Digestive issues completely resolved

Renewed energy and better sleep

Improvement in her overall health and well being 

(Julie also sought the help of her GP as well as I referred her to a functional medicine doctor) 


Julie is currently in transition but she has spent most of her life working in Christian Youth Ministry and Discipleship and she will continue to work and volunteer in this area as she moves to Amsterdam in the coming months. 

Julie Says: 

"Jennifer Johnson was a great encouragement and resource for rebuilding my health. She helped me identify areas that needed healing and gave me a clear plan on how to make it happen. I am really indebted to her for where I am at today”

What's next for Julie: 

Julie continues to eat a very healthy diet without fail! I'm not sure I've ever met someone so committed to eating so well all the time. She is busy with work and travel and family life and takes time to walk and exercise regularly. She also is continuing to work with her GP and functional medicine doctor to optimize her health. 

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