Migraines, IBS, Histamine Intolerance

"Having had migraines for 19 years, I was tired of the medicated approach...Jenn has been monumental in my success."

Crystal is a much-loved elementary school teacher and a local vocalist and performer. She came to me looking for help. In general, she just wanted to feel better and have more energy and strength for a busy life with her vocational pursuits. We laid out her goals and started working on them one by one. 

Crystal has been a model for following her plan almost perfectly. As a result she has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. The relief from all of her symptoms has been highly motivating for her to continue taking care of herself. 


1. help with daily IBS symptoms 

2. reduce migraines and headaches 

3. reduce stress

4. manage a healthy lifestyle 

5. learn how to eat healthy food regularly 


1. No more migraines 

2. completely resolved IBS symptoms using a therapeutic diet 

3. improved energy 

4. no bloating after meals 

5. learned how to cook healthy and whole food meals

6. adopted a regular gentle exercise routine 

Crystal says: 

"Having had migraines for 19 years, I was tired of the medicated approach. With Jenn's help, I am able to see the importance of self-care, and now I feel happiness preparing meals and taking time to do things I enjoy or give me peace. I've learned to give myself grace as I embark on new learning, and Jenn has been monumental in my success."

What's next for Crystal: 

Crystal has done everything I've given her and more and she has made so much progress. She and I will continue to work together to optimize her nutrition and healthy lifestyle strategies and stress management. Crystal will also be working with a naturopath as well to address the root cause of her histamine intolerance as well as to optimize her health. 

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