IBS, Histamine Intolerance & Weight Loss

Laura, a registered nurse in Alberta, came to me looking for help noting that she had tried so many things and she couldn’t get to the bottom of her stomach upset as well as sustain weight loss. 

We set some goals together and we’ve achieved some of them and are continuing to work on the others! 


  1. Improve digestive symptoms 
  2. Increase energy 
  3. Weight loss

Laura’s achievement

  1. Digestive issues significantly decreased! Using an elimination diet, we got to the root of Laura’s chronic digestive symptoms. And she now knows how to keep those symptoms at bay. 
  2. Weight loss to date: 18lbs and counting
  3. Total loss of 13.4 inches! 
  4. Eats a health and nutritious diet as well as eating a low histamine diet for therapeutic reasons 
  5. Successfully mastered eating a nutritious and low histamine diet 
  6. Regularly makes space for exercise and is currently working on an optimal plan for weight loss


registered nurse

A little more about Laura: 

Laura is a loving wife and mother as well as a nurse in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She takes her health very seriously and is continuing to see improvement in all of the areas that she pursues. Early into our time working together, Laura thought that she didn't see this as being a long term thing, but now she feels so much better she knows that she will continue to pursue good health for life! Laura has also mentioned that in her line of work she sees the need for proactive health to be a part of health care. 

Laura says: 

I found it helpful working with Jenn because she was able to recommend food choices (based on my elimination diet), including recipes, to decrease my symptoms and she was also able explain to me the reason for my symptoms. 

Time frame to achieve goals: 

5 months and Laura is a current client 

What's next? 

Laura, on my recommendation, is pursuing treatment with a naturopathic doctor to help heal her histamine intolerance. Our goal with this is to address the root causes of the histamine intolerance and ideally get back to eating a healthy diet without having to pay attention to histamine load. She is continuing to pursue a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutrition and weight loss. 

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