Healthy Lifestyle Postpartum

"Jenn has helped me realize that in order to make big changes, it takes time, consistency, and patience."


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Rebecca's Success:

1. Total weight loss of 34lbs! 

2. Total inches lost: 12.4 inches 

3. She exercises 6 days per week without fail  (and she looks forward to it each day!)

4. She has changed her eating habits to include intermittent fasting for stable blood sugar 

5. She's changed her family's feasting and celebrating habits to include only healthy treats 

6. She has tried out some new modes of exercise and is enjoying challenging her body in new ways 


mother & wife, educated in linguistics and languages, ESL and administrative work, world traveller

A little more about Rebecca: 

Rebecca has been on a slow journey towards a healthy lifestyle and has successfully moved away from the North American fast food and convenient way of eating to a slower paced healthy lifestyle of whole foods, delicious recipes, home cooking, and eating foods that nourish your body from the inside out. She loves experimenting with recipes from different cultures and makes some simple changes to each one to ensure it has optimal nutrition. She particularly enjoys making healthy feasts for her whole family to celebrate occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter when we typically choose poor foods with which to celebrate. 

Rebecca says: 

“Working with Jenn, I've learned that weight loss and lifestyle changes take time. It is the metaphorical tortoise that wins the race. I've learned not to sweat the numbers, but to focus on my weekly goals, while she focuses on my long term plan. Jenn has helped me realize that in order to make big changes, it takes time, consistency, and patience”

Time frame to achieve goals:

15 months

What's next for Rebecca: 

Rebecca and I continue to work together on accountability and continuing to progress her exercise plan to continue to build functional strength for life. Our main focus together now is maintenance and exercise progression. 

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