Healthy Lifestyle & Increase in Energy

"Thank you Jenn for helping me in my permanent life change"


to improve energy, to feel better and to be healthy, get rid of brain fog and aches and pains

Mandy's Success: 

1. 8lbs of weight loss

2. 7 inches of total body loss

3. Began work on a regular exercise routine

4. Learned how to support other areas of her health such as: stress and emotional and relational health 

5. Learned how to adopt a healthy diet and navigate eating at work 

6. Increased energy and less brain fog 

7. She has successfully kicked sugar out of her diet


wife & mother, singer, seasonal recreation employee

Mandy says: 

“I just wanted to send a huge shout out to Jennifer Johnson for helping me from the inside out! I reached out to her in Jan because I have reached a certain age and was feeling the effects of it. I am turning 45 but inside I felt like I was 80! Having made such a huge life move and moving 3 times in a year, sugar was my best friend. I was aching all the time, sluggish, brain fog fatigue. I felt sick...literally. I knew I needed to feed my body the right things but didn't know how. I didn't want to lose weight...I wanted to be and feel healthy.

Jen put me on paleo (no gluten, sugar or dairy) and instantly my body responded. I can go for at least 3-4 hours without eating. I felt full, satisfied and healthy! No more brain fog, fatigue or aching or bloating. At 45, 8 pounds lighter and 7 inches thinner, I feel like the way I need to feel... and now I can concentrate on other things. I'm taking care of myself, my family my friends and church family. Thank you Jen for helping me in my permanent life change.”

Time Frame To Achieve Goals:

3 months 

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