Exercise & Aging with a Healthy Lifestyle

"reaching out to Jennifer gave me the accountability I needed"


1. Weight loss

2. Exercise plan for strength, mobility and endurance for healthy aging 

3. Optimize nutrition 

Beth's Success 

1. Weight loss of 10lbs! 

2. Total inches lost: 15inches! 

3. Though she was already quite active, she mastered applying herself to a well rounded exercise plan that included cardio, strength and flexibility training 

4. Began work on a lower carbohydrate and high vegetable intake nutrition plan 

5. She mastered a regular exercise routine - she moves and exercises each day! 

6. Increased flexibility through regular stretching, yoga and massage 


gardener and farmer, mother, grandmother and wife 

A little more about Beth: 

When you meet Beth, you are sure to be inspired by her zest for life and her motivation to exercise and make the most of each day. She spends a lot of time outdoors running, gardening, cross country skiiing, hiking and doing many other things. She's the picture of health in her late 60s! It's been amazing to walk alongside this part of her journey as she has been very determined and focused. She's also very willing to try new things; such an inspiration! 

Beth says: 

"I started my “get in shape” journey in April 2020. I knew what to do prior to this but wasn’t doing it. I knew I had to lose some weight so started with portion control. I lost - slowly- because I want it to be sustainable. After an active summer I was dreading going into winter and falling into bad habits so my daughter recommended Jennifer and Enliven Health and Fitness. Together we worked out a fitness routine just for me.  I started to use the routine and the inches came off plus getting stronger. Later on we added an eating plan to take off the remaining fluff. I say these things not to brag... if I can do it anyone can! But it takes perseverance and reaching out to Jennifer gave me the accountability I needed. Here's to a younger and stronger next year! Thanks Jennifer!" 

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