Post-Covid, Energy & Weight Loss

"Because of Jenn's gentle and insightful approach, I had success."

Andrea came to me tired and feeling poorly after a long year of Covid and Post-Covid symptoms. She was looking for help to regain her energy, improve nutrition and exercise as well as she was hoping to see some weight loss. 


1. weight loss

2. Influence fatigue 

3. help with nutrition and meal planning 

4. influence list of symptoms with healthy lifestyle strategies 

5. help with working on environment and making it healthy 

6. help with planning around work and keeping stress levels low 

Andrea' success: 

1. 16lbs of weight loss!  

2. huge improvement in energy and reduction in fatigue, many of her Post-Covid symptoms disappeared  

3. developed a regular exercise habit 

4. made a lot of progress on working on environmental stressors like mold toxins and radiaton from electromagnetic frequencies 

5. developed a regular eating pattern of healthy food for weight maintenance and overall wellness

Well done, Andrea! We completed the majority of our work last summer and fall. I recently checked in with Andrea and she's still maintaining her weight loss and her healthy lifestyle.

A little more about Andrea...

Andrea is an elementary school teacher in a small community and is well-loved by the little people that she serves. She's inspired many around her to pursue good health for themselves. She's also a wife and mother to three teenagers/young adults. She's enjoys gardening and being outside as well as spending time with her sisters. 

Andrea says: 

"It was fascinating and encouraging to experience/see how my body, health and mental health responded to the diet and exercise changes Jenn and I implemented. Because of Jenn's gentle and insightful approach, I had success. She taught me to have grace for myself and showed me how to change my relationship with food specific to me and my struggles. She was my biggest fan, encouraging, guiding and providing accountability while also being flexible with meeting with me. I was so encouraged at the changes that I was experiencing that I shared this with my colleagues and friends. Many of them have joined Jenn on their journey and we all get to share in our new wellness together." 

What's next for Andrea: 

Andrea and I still connect to check in and see how she is doing. There are some things we were not able to address together that she is planning to seek some help with from a naturopath. She's also been slowly working on making her environment healthier and free of toxins which is a large undertaking. She's doing so well with maintaining her healthy lifestyle. I look forward to cheering her on as she continues to work hard to care for her health this year. 

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